The Silent Perils You May Face When Deciding To Skip Your Next Oral Hygiene Appointment

Dental Hygiene Appointment in Middletown IN Area

If there is one thing many of us have in common, it is that we lead busy lives. This can make it challenging to fit things we may not consider important or mundane. One such thing that many dental patients in the Middletown, Indiana, area can tend to leave on the back burner is their oral hygiene appointments with Dr. Jonathan Titus and the team at Titus Dentistry. While these appointments may seem routine and something that can be skipped, there are some significant consequences you could be putting yourself at risk for when missing these appointments. The Dangers of … Continue reading

Ensure a healthy and bright smile by removing plaque and getting dental cleanings.

Removing Plaque From Teeth in Muncie IN area

If you’re not experiencing problems with your teeth, you may wonder if it’s necessary to schedule routine dental exams and cleanings. Professional dental cleanings, however, are essential to the health and appearance of your teeth. In fact, one of the best ways to keep your smile healthy and bright is to see your dentist biannually (or more often, if necessary) for professional dental cleanings. At Titus Dentistry, we offer professional dental cleanings and removal of plaque from teeth to our patients in Anderson, Pendleton, Middletown, and Muncie, Indiana.  Why Professional Dental Cleaning?  Good oral hygiene is the secret to keeping … Continue reading

Your Smile Will Sparkle with Teeth Cleaning Tartar Removal

Teeth Cleaning Tartar Removal in Middletown Indiana Area

One thing is for sure: Your teeth feel amazing after a routine dental cleaning. But that’s not all. Your smile will be brighter because you’ll feel confident that your teeth look their best. If you live in the areas of Middletown, Anderson, Pendleton, and Muncie, Dr. Jonathan Titus and his team are here to give you the best care in town.  Why Routine Dental Cleanings, Tartar Removal, and Checkups Are Important Daily brushing and flossing are important, but brushing and flossing alone doesn’t remove tartar. Tartar is plaque that has hardened on your teeth and can only be removed with … Continue reading

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Worth it?

Professional Teeth Cleaning in Middletown IN Area

To some people, professional teeth cleaning can seem like a frivolous expense. After all, plenty of people have teeth that are stained yet don’t show any sign of cavities or other types of tooth decay. Teeth whitening is about more than just having shiny teeth, however. It is an investment in your overall appearance that can influence your personal and professional life. Did you know that according to several scientific studies, your smile is one of the first things people look at when they gauge your attractiveness? People with whiter teeth were ranked as not only being better looking in … Continue reading

Rejuvenate Your Smile with Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional Dental Cleaning in Pendleton IN Area

Routine dental cleanings provide thorough plaque removal from your teeth and can help prevent oral conditions like gum disease and tooth decay. This is why Dr. Jonanthan Titus with Titus Dentistry says it’s essential to visit our office at least twice a year for a professional dental cleaning. What Makes Professional Cleanings and Dental Exams Such a Big Deal? With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking the time to care for ourselves properly can be a challenge, especially when scheduling appointments to see our dentist. However, by spending a few minutes a couple of times per year to … Continue reading

The Importance of Regular Cleanings and Examinations At Your Dentist

Importance of Routine Teeth Cleaning in Middletown Area

Has it been a while since you last visited your dentist for a routine cleaning or exam? If the answer is yes, you are part of a large group of people in the Middletown, Indiana, area who are neglecting this important service. Dr. Jonathan Titus welcomes you to Titus Dentistry for a cleaning and exam. For many, if they are not experiencing any kind of dental pain or there are no visible issues, they put off visits to the dentist. Dr. Titus highlights some reasons why this is a mistake. Early Detection When you visit your dentist regularly (twice a … Continue reading

Professional Teeth Cleanings in Middletown: Gentle Yet So Effective

Professional Teeth Cleanings Middletown

There is a popular misconception that flossing, brushing, and rinsing your teeth are fool-proof strategies to maintain optimal dental health. However, the little-known reality is that home care techniques are vital but can only do so much in preventing teeth and gum diseases. That said, if you want to keep your oral health at its optimum best, you need to complement at-home oral care with professional teeth cleanings in Middletown. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned by a dentist for the last six months, it’s time to book an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Titus at Titus Dentistry. Here are … Continue reading

Regular dental check-ups for healthier smiles in Middletown, IN

Regular Dental Check-ups for Healthier Smiles in Middletown, IN Area

Cavities don’t develop overnight, but you may not know when a problem is developing without regular dental check-ups. Titus Dentistry in Middletown, IN, is committed to providing high-quality preventative care so you can preserve your teeth and avoid costly dental procedures, as well as protect your overall health and wellbeing. The importance of oral health No matter how well you clean your teeth each day, pathogenic bacteria will find a way into your mouth and feast on sugars and starches left behind in your teeth. As they feed, they form acids that eat away tooth enamel and toxins that cause … Continue reading

Dental Cleaning in Middletown, IN at Titus Dentistry

Dental Cleaning at Titus Dentistry in Middletown in Area

A clean mouth means more than a great smile. It’s also crucial to your overall health. Dentists recommend a professional cleaning 2-4 times a year, depending on your age and overall oral health. A dental cleaning is the only way to remove tartar that’s hardened to your teeth, and it allows your dentist to check for cavities and signs of gum disease or oral cancer. Dr. Titus offers routine dental cleanings for patients in Middletown, IN, to boost your oral health and keep your teeth and breath fresh. Reduce harmful bacteria in your mouth No matter how well you brush … Continue reading

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