At Titus Dentistry, we offer restorative treatments to give patients’ back their natural smiles. Dental crowns are one of the most common restorations we offer in order to repair and protect teeth. Dental crowns cover the visible portion of the tooth and are most often used to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened due to damage or decay. In the past, dental crowns required multiple visits to the dentist, but with advanced dental technology known as CEREC (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics), we can offer them in just a single visit.

Reasons for needing a crown

There are several situations that can require the need for dental crown treatment. These are among the most common:

  • Trauma – An injury such as a fall, a car accident, or even a sports accident can cause tooth enamel to crack or fracture. Dental crowns can protect the tooth from further damage.
  • Decay – A tooth that has had multiple fillings or a root canal can be weakened and prone to further breakage. In these cases, a dental crown restores functionality and protects this tooth.
  • Missing Teeth – Individuals who are missing teeth may opt to have a dental implant placed into the jawbone and a dental crown attached in order to complete the restoration and fill in the gap in the smile. 

What are CEREC Crowns?

Traditional crowns typically require two appointments. During the first appointment, impressions are taken, and the tooth is prepared for the crown by removing a small portion of the enamel. Then those impressions are sent to a lab for custom fabrication of the crown, forcing patients to wear a temporary crown during the wait.

With CEREC crowns, we utilize CAD/CAM technology to take impressions, design the crown, and fabricate it all in the office during a single appointment. Instead of bad-tasting impression material we’ll take digital impressions using an intraoral camera to take pictures of the teeth and measure for placement of the crown. Then we will use a high-strength ceramic block to mill the dental crown in the office to create a strong, natural-looking, and long-lasting restoration.

At Titus Dentistry, we are committed to using advanced technology to restore patients’ smiles. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of CEREC same day crowns, please give us a call at (765) 358-5868.

Our Success Stories

Michael L.

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Very Happy With My Smile Dr. Titus did an amazing job on my veneers, in order to fix a gap and a chipped front tooth. I'm very happy with my smile now. He is very professional while also being personable and easy to talk to. Dr. Titus and all of his staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease.