When you have consistent issues with your teeth, there is a reason. Often, you may find that you are receiving dental care from dentists that do not diagnose, or even look for, an underlying problem.

They simply treat the symptoms. Dr. Jonathan Titus is a different kind of dentist. He is a Dawson doctor, trained to find the root of the problem, not to perform single tooth dentistry.

Dr. Titus will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan so that you can have the beautiful, healthy smile you want without repeating the same old, ineffective procedures.

Your Oral Health and Overall Wellness are Connected

A Dawson doctor typically focuses on or specializes in smile design. This may include full mouth reconstruction, orthodontics, occlusion, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder, teeth grinding and sleep apnea. All of these services are more interconnected than you may think. Teeth grinding, for example, can cause the onset of TMJ issues.

TMJ and sleep apnea, two conditions that can dampen your enjoyment of life and overall health, can be treated by Dr. Titus and are sometimes included in a full mouth reconstruction plan. Oral health affects everything from nutrition to self-esteem. Dr. Titus can get to the root of your issues so that you can enjoy less dental work and a more beautiful smile.

Your Doctor’s Training Determines the Quality of Your Visit

When you are selecting a dentist, you want someone who will find the source of the problem, not just treat the single tooth that is showing the symptoms. Otherwise, you will only find yourself back in the dentist’s chair. Dr. Titus trained with the Dawson Academy and is a Dawson Alumni member. The Dawson Academy is a well-respected institution for continued education in integrative dentistry.

Our Success Stories

Michael L.

Originally Posted on Google Review

Very Happy With My Smile Dr. Titus did an amazing job on my veneers, in order to fix a gap and a chipped front tooth. I'm very happy with my smile now. He is very professional while also being personable and easy to talk to. Dr. Titus and all of his staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease.