SureSmile Clear Aligners, A Hassle-Free Orthodontic Treatment

Everyone deserves a chance to have a beautiful smile. If your smile isn’t all you’d like it to be due to crooked or misaligned teeth, SureSmile clear aligners could be just what you need. SureSmile aligners can resolve a wide range of orthodontic issues to give you a picture-perfect smile you can be happy with. You can learn more about SureSmile orthodontics at Titus Dentistry, Middletown, Indiana. 

SureSmile: A Smooth Orthodontic Treatment

Simplicity is one of the many reasons to choose SureSmile clear aligners over traditional metal braces for straightening crooked teeth. SureSmile aligners are easier to use, more comfortable to wear, and effective in giving you the beautiful smile you seek. With SureSmile clear teeth straightener aligners, you can look forward to:  

  • Greater comfort – SureSmile aligners are made of a transparent plastic material that won’t poke or scratch your lips, gums, or cheeks. Dr. Jonathan Titus will have aligners custom-made to meet your orthodontic needs. These aligners will fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth to gently shift them into alignment. 
  • Convenience – SureSmile aligners can be removed for eating and brushing your teeth. This allows you to enjoy all your favorite snacks and meals and keep up with your oral hygiene routine.
  • Fewer dental appointments – SureSmile aligners have no brackets or wires to adjust, so there’s no need for weekly or bi-weekly dental visits. Dr. Titus will see you every 4–6 weeks to make sure you’re progressing in your treatment. 
  • Discretion – For young professionals or self-conscious teens concerned about their appearance, SureSmile invisible aligners offer a discreet means of straightening their teeth. 
  • Versatility – SureSmile aligners can correct multiple orthodontic problems simultaneously, including crooked smiles, overbites, underbite and crossbites, gaps between teeth, and overcrowding. 
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SureSmile Clear Aligner Treatment Near Me in and around Muncie, Indiana

Why wait any longer for the smile of your dreams? Contact Dr. Jonathan Titus from Titus Dentistry at (765) 358-5868 today to schedule an appointment for SureSmile orthodontic treatment. For your convenience, we serve residents in Anderson, Pendleton, Middletown, and Muncie, IN. 

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