Tips For Overcoming the Fear of Visiting a Dentist

Overcome Fear of Dentist Middletown

Dental phobia is a widespread fear. An estimated 9 to 15% of Americans (about 30-40 million people) avoid visiting a dentist because of their fear. However, going to the dentist for professional cleaning and regular check-ups is essential for oral health and overall wellbeing. If you wonder how you can overcome the fear of dentists, Titus Dentistry serving patients in Middletown, Indiana, has prepared a list of helpful tips: Find the Right Dentist The right dentist makes the difference. If you like your dentist, you will feel more confident and comfortable about the treatment you are receiving. You should look … Continue reading

Sedation Dentist in Middletown explains the benefits of sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentist in Middletown Area Explains the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Some have an innate, built-in fear of the dentist that nothing will shake. Though a great dentist can help assuage those fears, some still require a bit of help to get in that dental chair and have their teeth cared for. This is where sedation dentistry comes in. For those looking for a sedation dentist in Middletown, Titus Dentistry and Dr. Jonathan Titus can give you the experience you need. What is Sedation Dentistry? For some, the thought of sitting still in a dentist’s chair while their teeth are being cleaned is terrifying; for others, like small children, it might … Continue reading

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Very Happy With My Smile Dr. Titus did an amazing job on my veneers, in order to fix a gap and a chipped front tooth. I'm very happy with my smile now. He is very professional while also being personable and easy to talk to. Dr. Titus and all of his staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease.