Learn the benefits of regular oral cancer screenings in Middletown, IN

Each year in the US, there are over 50,000 cases of oral cancer diagnosed, and the sooner it’s caught, the better the prognosis. Because oral cancer can develop at any age, everyone benefits from regular oral cancer screening. Dr. Titus can perform oral cancer screenings for his patients in Middletown, IN, during every routine check-up to ensure early diagnose of this potentially life-threatening disease. 

Risk factors

Certain risk factors increase the likely hood that cancer will develop in your mouth. HPV, alcohol, tobacco use, sun exposure, and old age can all contribute to your risk. However, even people who never smoke or drink can develop oral cancer at any age, so the best way to reduce your risk is through routine screenings.  

Your medical history can also inform your likelihood of developing cancer. Studies have shown a link between gum disease and tooth decay and oral cancer, thought to be related to the acids and toxins produced by oral bacteria. Additionally, if you’ve had oral cancer in the past or you have a family history of oral cancer, it’s crucial that you maintain regular dental visits. 

The oral cancer screening process

Cancer cells can develop in many places through your mouth, and home screenings are difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Dr. Titus will perform a thorough evaluation of your lips, teeth, gums, and cheeks. He’ll also check your throat, tongue, and the top and bottom of your mouth. He’ll also check for lumps around your neck, feel around your mouth to look for signs of lesions. If he finds any suspicious sores or tissue, he’ll recommend a biopsy. 

The screening process only takes a few minutes during your routine exam, and early detection allows for a lot more treatment options. The most common treatment for oral cancer is surgical removal, and the sooner you catch it, the easier it will be to remove it. Some patients may need radiation or chemotherapy, especially if cancer has spread to other parts of your body.

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