A Local Dentist Answers Common Questions About SureSmile Clear Aligner Therapy

Affordable Teeth Straightening Aligners in Middletown IN Area

Suppose you are seeking clear aligner treatment designed to reposition your teeth into perfect alignment in Middletown, Indiana. In that case, you should consider SureSmile Aligners as offered by Dr. Jonathan Titus and the team at Titus Dentistry. SureSmile aligners utilize a series of clear aligners customized to your needs, resulting in you having that perfect smile you have been dreaming about. You likely have a few questions about this treatment, so let’s go over some common questions. How Does SureSmile Work?  The SureSmile treatment utilizes clear aligners, which work in just three easy steps. You will go to your … Continue reading

If You Are Looking for Convenience, Consider CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

CEREC One Visit Dentistry in Middletown IN Area

There is little doubt that you have either heard of or received a dental crown. You know the drill if you have ever had to receive a crown. Multiple appointments so that molds can be taken and sent into a lab. Once the lab creates the crown, you have to return to your dentist to have it placed. It is a time-consuming hassle and a significant disruption to your everyday routine. Dr. Jonathan Titus and the team at Titus Dentistry in Middletown, Indiana, want you to know that this no longer has to be the case! Thanks to Dr. Titus’s … Continue reading

Revive your Smile’s Natural Aesthetics and Confidence with Smiles Design Dentistry

Smiles Design Dentistry in Middletown IN Area

When it comes to recasting a patient’s smile with multiple smile imperfections, it’s not as simple as placing veneers or crowns. Sometimes, fixing your smile involves multiple treatments to create an aesthetically pleasing smile for the dentist and patient alike. The good news is that in Middletown, Indiana, residents can benefit from smiles design dentistry from Titus Dentistry to transform their smiles from flawed to flawless. What does our smile dentistry involve? Before commencing treatment, we start with a consultation and evaluation at our dental office. Here, Dr. Jonathan Titus gets to know you as a person, listens to your … Continue reading

Restore the Health and Appearance of Your Smile in one Visit with Computerized Dental Crowns

Computerized Dental Crown in Middletown IN Area

If you have a decayed or broken tooth, you are already wincing in pain and feeling embarrassed about your smile. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is extensive such that a typical filling can’t fix it. In such a case, a dental crown can restore the health of your tooth.  Getting traditional crowns may involve several dental appointments, and the treatment period may stretch over a few weeks. Thankfully, at Titus Dentistry, we can get your dental crowns in just one appointment! What makes same-day crowns possible?  Thanks to CEREC technology, Dr. Jonathan Titus can create and place your crowns in one … Continue reading

Denture Care Tips to Extend the Life of Your Oral Appliances

Denture Care in Muncie Area

Dentures from Titus Dentistry are a viable option to complete your smile and oral functionality if you are missing teeth. From the moment you start wearing your dentures, you can eat properly, speak better, and smile with confidence. Unfortunately, dentures have downsides, especially if you don’t take proper care of them. Dentures can become a breeding ground for bacteria without appropriate maintenance, putting your oral health at risk. Also, neglecting special care for your dentures shortens the life of your appliances, placing an unnecessary dent in your pocket. Thankfully, you can harness the power of your dentures by following the … Continue reading

Clear Teeth Straighteners a Clear Choice in Aligning Smiles

Clear Teeth Straighteners in Middletown Area

Have you seen people with a perfect set of teeth? Would you like to have such a symmetrical smile? Of course, you would want to, but the thought of cumbersome and uncomfortable braces holds you back. But do you know what? You don’t have to use traditional braces to align your smile. At Titus Dentistry, we have SureSmile aligners to straighten your smile with beauty and comfort. What are SureSmile clear teeth aligners?  Have you ever heard of Invisalign? SureSmile treatment is like Invisalign. Both treatments use removable, minimally invisible braces to bring your teeth into proper alignment. The aligners … Continue reading

Correct Stained, Gapped, and Otherwise “Imperfect” Teeth with High-quality Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in Middletown Area

Where would we be without cosmetic dentistry? Most of us would have to walk around with imperfect smiles, and worse yet, there would be nothing to do about it. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the years, and people who want to improve their smiles have lots of options. The magic of veneers If you have multiple smile flaws, and don’t want to wait for months or years to get the desired results, dental veneers from Titus Dentistry can be the perfect solution for you. Here are the dental flaws that can disappear with porcelain veneers. Stained teeth: If you … Continue reading

Invisible Braces for Adults, Is it ever too late?

Invisible Braces for Adults in Middletown, IN

If you are to describe a gorgeous smile, the chances are that you will include the description of perfectly aligned teeth. But in reality, perfectly straight teeth are a rarity. With factors like gum disease, misalignment of the jaw due to trauma, genetics, and tooth loss, you will be among the lucky ones to have a naturally perfect set of teeth. Although you may want to straighten your smile as an adult, there is a problem. You don’t want to wear metal braces with visible brackets and wires. Fortunately, with invisible braces from Titus Dentistry, it’s never too late to straighten your teeth. … Continue reading

Imperfect Teeth? Consider the Benefits of Cosmetic Veneers

Dental veneers conceal tooth imperfections that detract from the beauty of your smile in Titus Dentistry in Middletown, IN

If your smile is a source of embarrassment due to stained or flawed teeth, consider the benefits of dental veneer treatment. Dental veneers conceal tooth imperfections that detract from the beauty of your smile. At Titus Dentistry serving residents in and around Middletown, we’re well versed in performing veneer treatments. An evaluation by Dr. Jonathan Titus, your Middletown dentist, can determine if cosmetic dental veneers are a viable option for you. Uses of Cosmetic Veneers One of the greatest advantages of veneers is their versatility. Veneers can correct several dental imperfections to include: ChipsCracksStains/discolorationsMisshapen teethUneven teethGaps in between teeth In some instances, veneers can even … Continue reading

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Matters So Much

Teeth Whitening Dentist Office in Middletown Area

With the heavy push for its availability and the marketing success achieved for teeth whitening, many different options have become available for consumers to improve their dental appearance. However, just because the treatment is available doesn’t mean a particular approach is the safest. Fundamentally, teeth whitening involves the use of chemicals that interact with the teeth. Often referred to as “bleaching,” the products do use components that have a strong effect on the surface of the tooth treated.  What Causes Discoloration of Teeth Teeth change color naturally for many reasons. Food is a significant cause, especially drinks that are strong … Continue reading

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