Troubled by Discolored Teeth? A Tooth Whitening Dentist Can Help!

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A stained or discolored smile can cause no end of embarrassment. It’s hard to smile when your teeth have a dull, dingy appearance. Professional teeth whitening is one of the best remedies for discolored teeth. Cosmetic teeth whitening addresses surface and intrinsic stains caused by years of consuming stain-causing foods and drinks. At Titus Dentistry in Middletown, Indiana, you work with Dr. Jonathan Titus, an experienced teeth whitening dentist, to restore your smile’s brilliance.  Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration Numerous factors can lead to stained or discolored teeth. These include:  Long-term consumption of stain-causing foods and drinks  Poor oral hygiene … Continue reading

How Safe are Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

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Maintaining healthy white teeth can be challenging, especially as you grow older. As years go by, your teeth may start to appear dull and dingy due to stains and discolorations caused by dietary or lifestyle habits. Fortunately, there are professional teeth whitening options to remove stains from teeth and restore your smile’s gleam. At Titus Dentistry, we offer safe, effective teeth whitening treatments to Middletown, Muncie, Pendleton, and Anderson, Indiana, residents. Professional Teeth Whitening Methods At Titus Dentistry, Dr. Jonathan Titus offers two ways to brighten your smile safely. In-office teeth whitening gives you a sparkling white smile in as … Continue reading

Get Your Dazzling Smile with Teeth Whitening Services at Titus Dentistry

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Living with stained or discolored teeth can be a nightmare that makes social interaction awkward and embarrassing. Thankfully, Dr. Jonathan Titus and his helpful staff at Titus Dentistry are experts at whitening stained teeth and can help make your smile brighter and healthier in no time! How Teeth Whitening Works While brushing after every meal is a very effective way to remove slight discoloration or what’s known as surface stains, unfortunately, it doesn’t address deep stains that have penetrated deep beneath the surface of your tooth’s enamel. As time passes, pigmented substances like coffee, red wine, tobacco, and tea can … Continue reading

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Matters So Much

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With the heavy push for its availability and the marketing success achieved for teeth whitening, many different options have become available for consumers to improve their dental appearance. However, just because the treatment is available doesn’t mean a particular approach is the safest. Fundamentally, teeth whitening involves the use of chemicals that interact with the teeth. Often referred to as “bleaching,” the products do use components that have a strong effect on the surface of the tooth treated.  What Causes Discoloration of Teeth Teeth change color naturally for many reasons. Food is a significant cause, especially drinks that are strong … Continue reading

Brighten Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening Tips from a Middletown Dentist

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Dull and yellow-looking teeth aren’t something we want. Sadly, many people have to deal with stained teeth that damage their smiles. And because you want a gleaming white smile, you may want to try teeth whitening to restore your smile. For this reason, Titus Dentistry shares professional teeth whitening tips to help Middletown residents to get the best out of the procedure. Here are the tips. Avoid stain-causing substances The first step to maintaining bright teeth is to avoid substances that discolor your teeth in the first place. This way, you can keep the white appeal of your teeth even … Continue reading

A guide to professional dental whitening in Middletown, IN

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A graduate of the esteemed Dawson Academy, Dr. Jonathan W. Titus is a skilled “smile designer.” He knows the important role that the color of your teeth play in the overall aesthetics of your smile. Following an evaluation at the Titus Dentistry office in Middletown, IN, he may recommend professional dental whitening on its own or in combination with other cosmetic treatments as part of a full smile makeover. Depending on your needs, alternative methods to achieve a youthful, healthy, vibrant white that is suited to your skin-tone (and other personal characteristics and preferences), may be recommended. These alternatives include … Continue reading

Treat staining in a single visit with a teeth whitening dentist in Middletown, IN

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While your oral hygiene routine can prevent some discoloration in your teeth, some habits, such as coffee, wine, tea, or tobacco, cause staining within the tooth enamel that won’t budge with a toothbrush. At Titus Dentistry in Middletown, IN, we provide a rapid solution for clearing discoloration. Under the supervision of a dentist, you can ensure safe, effective teeth whitening treatment that won’t put your gums or enamel at risk. Brighten your smile in-office If you’re unhappy with discoloration on your teeth, you can schedule a tooth whitening procedure along with your routine check-up. The hygienist will clean your teeth … Continue reading

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