Revive your Smile’s Natural Aesthetics and Confidence with Smiles Design Dentistry

Smiles Design Dentistry in Middletown IN Area

When it comes to recasting a patient’s smile with multiple smile imperfections, it’s not as simple as placing veneers or crowns. Sometimes, fixing your smile involves multiple treatments to create an aesthetically pleasing smile for the dentist and patient alike. The good news is that in Middletown, Indiana, residents can benefit from smiles design dentistry from Titus Dentistry to transform their smiles from flawed to flawless. What does our smile dentistry involve? Before commencing treatment, we start with a consultation and evaluation at our dental office. Here, Dr. Jonathan Titus gets to know you as a person, listens to your … Continue reading

5 Dental Makeover Options that Will Perfect Your Smile

Dental Makeover in Middletown IN Area

Improving your smile is a great way to boost your appearance. If there are aspects of your smile you’re not happy with, change them with a dental makeover from Titus Dentistry in Middletown, Indiana. We offer several smile makeover options that can transform your dream smile into reality. Dental Makeover Options to Perfect Your Smile Modern dentistry provides you with a wide range of dental makeover services to improve the look and quality of your teeth. Depending on the imperfections you want to correct, you can benefit from one or more of these dental procedures: Porcelain Veneers Veneers are porcelain … Continue reading

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Michael L.

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Very Happy With My Smile Dr. Titus did an amazing job on my veneers, in order to fix a gap and a chipped front tooth. I'm very happy with my smile now. He is very professional while also being personable and easy to talk to. Dr. Titus and all of his staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease.