Need Immediate Tooth Repair Services? Try CEREC Same Day Crown Restorations

CEREC One Visit Crowns in Middletown IN Area

Despite its hard, durable composition, tooth enamel is prone to chips, cracks, and breakage. Severe decay can weaken your tooth, causing it to crack or crumble under pressure. Dental trauma can cause crown fractures or breakage. If you damage a tooth before an important event or special occasion, contact Dr. Jonathan Titus for same-day crown treatment. At Titus Dentistry, serving Anderson, Pendleton, Muncie, and Middletown, Indiana, we offer CEREC one-visit crowns to restore your tooth’s structure and appearance. About CEREC One Visit Crowns Dental crowns are custom-designed tooth caps or coverings that can be placed over a severely decayed, frail, … Continue reading

Enjoy the Ease and Convenience of CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC 3D Dental Crowns in Pendleton IN Area

Before the invention of single-day crowns, getting a dental crown was a more inconvenient process, and for a good reason. Not only is the process time-consuming, but it also means you have to put up with ill-fitting temporary crowns. How can you forget that gunky putty-like material used to get the impression of your teeth? Thankfully, dentistry has come a long way. Today, you can get a dental crown in one day. If you want to restore your smile in Pendleton, Indiana, choose CEREC crowns from Titus Dentistry, which are more comfortable, affordable, and the best part: you only need … Continue reading

Enjoy one visit dental crowns at Titus Dentistry

One Visit Dental Crowns in Pendleton IN Area

One visit dental crowns, also called same-day dental crowns or CEREC dental crowns, are a solution for repairing teeth at Titus Dentistry near Pendleton, Indiana. Dr. Jonathan Titus finds dental crowns to be a popular choice for treating teeth significantly damaged by trauma or decay. These specialized CEREC tooth restorations are made using computer-aided technology and are milled from a solid block of ceramic. One visit crowns are strong and durable and look natural and beautiful when placed in the smile. What can I expect from my same-day dental crowns appointment? During your appointment, Dr. Jonathan Titus will numb your … Continue reading

If You Are Looking for Convenience, Consider CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

CEREC One Visit Dentistry in Middletown IN Area

There is little doubt that you have either heard of or received a dental crown. You know the drill if you have ever had to receive a crown. Multiple appointments so that molds can be taken and sent into a lab. Once the lab creates the crown, you have to return to your dentist to have it placed. It is a time-consuming hassle and a significant disruption to your everyday routine. Dr. Jonathan Titus and the team at Titus Dentistry in Middletown, Indiana, want you to know that this no longer has to be the case! Thanks to Dr. Titus’s … Continue reading

Restore the Health and Appearance of Your Smile in one Visit with Computerized Dental Crowns

Computerized Dental Crown in Middletown IN Area

If you have a decayed or broken tooth, you are already wincing in pain and feeling embarrassed about your smile. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is extensive such that a typical filling can’t fix it. In such a case, a dental crown can restore the health of your tooth.  Getting traditional crowns may involve several dental appointments, and the treatment period may stretch over a few weeks. Thankfully, at Titus Dentistry, we can get your dental crowns in just one appointment! What makes same-day crowns possible?  Thanks to CEREC technology, Dr. Jonathan Titus can create and place your crowns in one … Continue reading

When Are Dental Crowns Needed?

Dental Crowns Service in Middletown Area

Dentists use crowns for several reasons. They are an excellent way to save a tooth that has been damaged due to an accident or decay. The dentist can repair the tooth and then put the crown in place to protect it from further damage by using a crown. Crowns are also helpful when it comes to restoring your smile. Depending on the type of material, they are solid and can last for many years. If you want to learn more about dental crown services in Middletown, Indiana, your first call should be to Dr. Jonathan Titus at Titus Dentistry. Broken … Continue reading

Smile Confidently with CEREC Crowns Offered by a Dentist in Middletown, Indiana

Smile Confidently with CEREC Crowns Offered by a Dentist in Middletown, Indiana

If you feel unhappy with your smile due to damaged, chipped, or decayed teeth, it’s time to see a dentist for dental crown smile restoration. Since self-consciousness can significantly damage your confidence, at Titus Dentistry in Middletown, IN, we offer CEREC same-day crowns to give you a natural smile. The CEREC crowns procedure While the traditional dental crown placement requires two appointments, with CEREC crowns, one day is enough to transform your smile. The initial step is to prepare your teeth and remove part of the enamel to create space for your new crowns. The next step is taking impressions. Instead of … Continue reading

Save time on dental appointments with one-day CEREC crowns service in Middletown

Cerec One Day Crowns Service at Titus Dentistry in Middletown IN Area

Dental crowns are crucial for preventing tooth loss, but many patients don’t have flexibility with their schedule for multiple trips to the dentist. Titus Dentistry has invested in the latest technologies to improve patient care. We offer patients in the Middletown area one day CEREC crowns service to restore functionality and protect your teeth.  Benefits of CEREC crowns Dental crowns are crucial for preserving teeth that are damaged from trauma or decay. Dr. Titus uses dental crowns to add stability to teeth with cavities too large for a filling or after root canal therapy to prevent tooth loss. The crown … Continue reading

Restore your smile with CEREC one-day crowns in Middletown, IN

CEREC One-day Crowns at Titus Dentistry in Middletown IN Area

CEREC dental crowns are a convenient alternative to traditional dental crowns. At Titus Dentistry, we offer CEREC one-day crowns for patients in the Middletown, IN area using the latest technology to save you time and discomfort. Dental crowns can hold a cracked or broken tooth together, protect decaying teeth, or cover a dental implant. Traditional crowns are made in a lab based on molds taken from your teeth. In some cases, it can take weeks before they are ready, and you will have to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown while you wait. Preparing your tooth for a dental crown Just … Continue reading

Restore your smile in one visit with same-day dental crowns in Middletown, IN

Restore Your Smile in One Visit With Same-Day Dental Crowns in Middletown, in Area

Dental crowns have been around for many decades as a way to restore the appearance, strength, and functionality of damaged teeth. If you have had a dental crown in the past, it may have required multiple visits to the dentist’s office and a temporary crown that you had to be quite careful with. Luckily, dental technology has come a long way in recent years, allowing us to now offer patients same-day crowns. At Titus Dentistry in Middletown, IN, we utilize CEREC technology to place dental crowns in just a single visit. To learn more about this advanced technology, we encourage … Continue reading

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Very Happy With My Smile Dr. Titus did an amazing job on my veneers, in order to fix a gap and a chipped front tooth. I'm very happy with my smile now. He is very professional while also being personable and easy to talk to. Dr. Titus and all of his staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease.